Heather Hilton LM, CPM, Doula

0215At a very young age, I knew that I wanted to help women bring their babies into the world. While my idea of how I would do this has changed since then, my trust in birth has never faltered.

After working in the medical field and experiencing standardized maternity care first hand with the birth of my son, I knew that I wanted to provide something different to families. Something that was honorable, sacred, safe and deeply rooted in knowledge and trust of birth as a normal process. I wanted to educate and empower birthing mothers and welcome babies in a gentle way.

In 2008 newly pregnant with my second child, I decided that it was time to start following my heart. I knew that not only would I hire a midwife for my own home birth but that I would become a midwife myself! I immediately began on my journey by becoming a birth doula, and beginning my midwifery apprenticeship and studies. I started supporting women through their labors and birth and I just couldn’t get enough. I was in awe of the power and beauty that is birth. I had found my passion!

In 2012 I traveled to Haiti where I volunteered at a high volume birth center, which enhanced my midwifery skills and expanded my heart in ways I never imagined. In 2013, having completed my training, I became both a NARM Certified Professional Midwife and a California Licensed Midwife! I began practicing at Pachamama Midwifery in Napa, Ca and birthed my own Napa Valley Midwife soon thereafter. I have been proudly midwifing the home birth community of Napa, Sonoma and Solano Counties since 2011.

It is my wish that every woman be given the opportunity to have the birth they desire and that no matter how or where the birth takes place, it be nurtured and protected. This is what I hope to bring to each family I serve.

In addition to being a Licensed Home Birth Midwife, Birth Doula, and Childbirth Educator, I also offer breastfeeding assistance and placenta encapsulation services.


Brandi Lauher – LM.CPM.EMT

My path to Midwifery started in Taos, at the Northern New Mexico Women’s Birth center. I attended my first birth there in 1998. My eyes were opened to the amazing power the birthing mother has. From that birth on I have been serving pregnant moms and their families through this most important and sacred time of their lives.

For 5 years I supported families through labor and birth as a doula. Learning the mysteries of the women’s body and eventual beginning my formal training to become a Licensed Midwife in California.

After the birth of my second daughter, in 2003, I enrolled at The National Midwifery Institute. I also started my apprenticeship attending home births in Napa and the surrounding areas, while fulfilling my academic requirements through NMI.

Being a midwife has taught me so many lessons. It has taught me how incredibly strong women are and how truly amazing our bodies are. It has taught me patience beyond words. Midwifery has strengthened my two daughters and has shown them to trust in their bodies already.

I have been incredibly fortunate in my career as a midwife. Midwifery has given me medical skills and training that I have been able to take with me to countries like Mexico, Vanuatu, and Uganda to provide midwifery aid to women and babies who are desperate for good quality care. Sharing & receiving knowledge and wisdom with traditional birth attendants has expanded my experience in the birth world far beyond what any class room or book could have taught me. I trust in our bodies ability to birth our babies safely. I believe in choice, and that we as women should be given the right to choose where and with whom we will give birth. I always feel blessed and honored to be able to witness a new life emerge into this world, and support a new family through this sacred transition.