Napa Valley Midwife offers comprehensive support for women choosing home birth, hospital or birth center birth. We believe that the safest place to give birth to your baby, is where you feel the most comfortable. We will provide you with the care, support and education you need to make informed choices about your labor and delivery.

All Doulas at Napa Valley Midwife are Licensed Midwives in the state of California. This provides you with additional support and wisdom throughout your pregnancy and birth. It also allows you the comfort of laboring at home, while being properly monitored.

Our services include 2-3 prenatal visits, support during labor, lactation support after the baby is born and one postpartum visit once you have returned home.


During our hour long visits we will discuss your visions and goals for your birth and create an individualized Birth Plan

Napa Valley Midwife has an outstanding relationship and good rapport with the local hospital and staff, ensuring that your transition to the hospital will be smooth and pleasant.

There is no substitution for the care and support you will receive form a Midwife. Every woman deserves to be honored during her labor and birth!